NMR at BVE 2017

Posted on March 24, 2017

NMR and key project stakeholders from ITV present ITV’s On-Air Promo Campaign Media Asset Management System at BVE 2017.

NMR at BVE 2017 from NMR on Vimeo.

Phoenix is ITV’s fully integrated promo campaign management system. It combines a custom-built, highly intuitive web application for planning broadcast and digital ad campaigns, based upon Cantemo Portal Media Asset Management (MAM) commercial software with Vidispine API integrations. Phoenix is the single source of truth for Marketing, Media Planning and ITV Creative and streamlines the process of creating and delivering up to 500 promos a week - multiple versions, to multiple channels, with multiple renditions.

The Phoenix platform is deployed on hybrid infrastructure, across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ITV data centres, utilising scalable cloud compute and database services, combined with robust on-premise storage and integrated with internal scheduling and rights management services.

In this session, key project stakeholders from ITV and media technology solutions provider NMR present the Phoenix application and discuss the key business and project drivers, challenges and the deployed solution.

Speakers: Nick Haworth - Head of Technology, Studios,  ITV plc

Alistair Gear - Solution Architect, ITV plc 

Matt Scarff - Director of ITV Creatives, ITV plc 

Anna Waldeck Evans - Controller of Production & Operations, ITV Creative 

Neil Anderson - CEO, NMR Consultancy 

ITV Campaign Management - Broadcast Magazine Tech Supplement

Posted on December 20, 2016

NMR lead a consortium of European software development partners that have been awarded €1m of EU funding to build and commercialise a Real-time Content, Analysis and Processing software platform

Posted on December 08, 2016

NMR, a media technology solutions provider, announced today that it is leading a consortium of European software development partners that has been awarded €1m of EU funding to build and commercialise a Real-time Content, Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) software platform.  The consortium also includes ToolsOnAir, nablet and Joanneum Research

This platform will enable media companies to automatically analyse and extract time-stamped descriptive and technical metadata, in real-time, from live broadcast quality video content, as well as process their existing archive content.

The project, funded by a €1m grant from Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation programme, aims to integrate and commercialise existing partner technology into a scalable and open software platform, affordable for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).

The final product will aim to deliver time-stamped, real-time descriptive analysis of video and audio content, including object, logo, face detection and content duplication. It will also aim to deliver the automatic detection of quality impairments such as lost/frozen video frames, block dropouts, visible macroblocking, estimation of sharpness and noise, with potentially automatic quality improvement, interpolation of image regions or entire frames, denoising and block artefact suppression.

Broadcast quality video with real-time metadata streams will be available for instant review, analysis and processing in commercial Media Asset Management (MAM) systems, workflow orchestration tools and transcoding software, via open and documented APIs. The ReCAP product will support on-premise, data centre and cloud deployment models.

Potential use cases for ReCAP include real-time content recognition and technical monitoring of live broadcast feeds and identifying individuals, objects or locations in a large media archive. It could also be used for automatically identifying broadcast slates in content, finding and removing ad breaks, black or colour bar segments in order to reduce storage use and automatic brand (logo) detection in commercial ad breaks for compliance purposes.

A stakeholder board of major broadcasters, news organisations and content owners will work closely with the project implementation team, to provide feedback and check progress of the ReCAP project, ensuring the final product meets the industry’s need for automatic media content analysis and that it satisfies real world use cases and workflow challenges.

“The ever increasing volume of video content, combined with a lack of time and human resources to view, analyse and process it, makes the timing perfect for the consortium to bring project ReCAP to market” comments Neil Anderson, CEO of NMR.

“This EU grant has also enabled NMR to employ additional full time software engineers, including Lead Developer and ReCAP Product Owner David Moss, who previously contributed substantially toward the development of the Zonza production management platform, while working at Hogarth Worldwide, part of WPP,” he added.

The other consortium partners include broadcast software vendor ToolsOnAir, with their Just:In ingest software and On:Core, their new workflow orchestration platform, which will provide live broadcast feeds and process control to the real time analysis engine and processing platform. Walter Kuntner, CEO of ToolsOnAir stated that “We are delighted to be working on another cutting edge EU technology project, with our respected partners. Project ReCAP fills a significant gap in the market and we look forward to contributing our software, technology and expertise to make the product a reality”.

As the leading research group for applied information and communication technologies in Austria, DIGITAL at Joanneum Research (JRS) is contributing real-time descriptive and technical analysis algorithms and software to the ReCAP project, with Georg Thallinger, Head of Research Group Audiovisual Media stating that, “JRS exists to research and develop cutting edge technology and our funding results directly from successfully working with commercial partners to exploit this technology for the benefit of the media industry. We're very much looking forward to seeing our software and algorithms emerge as an affordable commercial software solution, at the end of the project in June 2018”.

The nablet team has been working on codec and related technologies for almost 2 decades. “We are pleased to be able to be part of this exciting project”, stated Muzaffer Beygirci, CEO of nablet.

The ReCAP project web site will be regularly updated with blog postings, white paper publication and online video demonstrations at www.recap-project.com, updates will also be posted on Twitter (@ReCAP_Project). Presentations will be made at major trade shows including NAB and IBC, technology conferences such as SXSW, and other local partner events.


For further information please contact Neil Anderson on +44 20 7993 3894 or email info@recap-project.com

About NMR

Established in 1992, New Media Research (NMR) is a leading media technology solutions provider, based near Kings Cross, Central London. A research led approach has earned them an industry-defining reputation and with 25 years experience they draw on an extensive knowledge base to deliver innovative, best-in-class and affordable technology solutions for content creators.

NMR develop and deploy bespoke and integrated solutions for Media Asset Management (MAM), intelligent tiered storage, video post-production, multi-channel ingest and playout, and content delivery systems. Successful client implementations include global advertising agency networks, national and international broadcasters, post-production departments for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, and independent facilities.


About ToolsOnAir

Based in Vienna, Austria and incorporated in 2008 by a group of multimedia professionals with roots in Mac-based graphics, broadcast and post production, ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering develops powerful and intuitive professional broadcast applications utilising Mac OS X, Linux and low-cost, off-the-shelf hardware components.

The ToolsOnAir Broadcast Suite is designed with live broadcast production in mind, integrating video, audio and graphics, along with automation, asset management and multiple format capabilities to accommodate the daily needs of a TV station while maintaining a cost effective approach. These streamlined, fast-paced environments demand powerful and sophisticated technology that can keep pace with a multitude of independent tasks and interdependent workflows.


About Joanneum Research

Based in Graz, Austria, Joanneum Research is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied research with a highly qualified staff of more than 400 people. Services include specifically geared research tasks for small and medium-sized companies, complex interdisciplinary national and international assignments as well as tailored techno-economic consulting. JRS participates in setting up and organizing national competence centres as well as in numerous large international projects. DIGITAL – the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies – specialises in web and internet technologies, image, video and acoustic signal processing together with remote sensing, communication and navigation technologies. Results of our research are implemented in hardware and software resulting in application-oriented solutions advancing the scientific state of the art. 

The institute has participated in more than 100 EC and ESA funded projects since the Third Framework Programme. For several years JRS has undertaken R&D into methods for automatic analysis of video based on their large knowledge base from media analysis including automatic film restoration and content-based indexing, summarisation and retrieval. JRS has been involved in a large number of EU and national projects dealing with audiovisual content analysis, digital preservation and media production. The Audiovisual Media Group at JRS has a strong background in developing visual content analysis technologies and deploying them as applications and services to be integrated with other manufacturer’s systems.


About nablet

Located in Aachen, Germany, nablet GmbH was founded in the autumn of 2011 and is a premiere provider of streaming, codec, muxing, and transcoding solutions for the broadcast and entertainment markets. This is coupled with a strong R&D focus on content analysis, image processing and automated metadata creation. nablet’s products seamlessly integrate with other partners and vendors providing reliable turnkey broadcast solutions. nablet’s customers and partners  include technology companies like Sony, Intel, Avid, IBM, Vizrt and many more.



Cantemo User Group Meeting

Posted on December 06, 2016

Last week NMR hosted the 3rd Annual Cantemo User Group Meeting at ITV studios in London.

Read Cantemo's take on the event:


Software Engineer Recruitment

Posted on October 05, 2016

About NMR

Founded in 1992, New Media Research (NMR) is a leading media technology solutions provider and software developer, with offices in London and New York. With a research led approach and unique knowledge base we have earned industry wide acclaim for delivering innovative media technology solutions.

We develop and deploy bespoke and integrated solutions for media asset management (MAM), intelligent tiered storage and workflow, post-production, multi-channel ingest & playout, and content delivery systems. Our solutions enable teams to create, collaborate, control and deliver video content to their audiences.

Digital media technology is seeing the rapid convergence of ‘traditional’ broadcast systems, IT infrastructure and modern web technologies. We provide the integration glue to create complex media workflows. Successful projects include those for national and international broadcasters, global advertising agencies, and post-production departments of some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

About the Role

In December 2016 we will commence an 18 month piece of work funded by the EU to create a suite of commercially available real-time content analysis and processing applications. Your role will be to the lead the development and integration effort on this project and work with our consortium partners in Austria, Germany and Sweden to deliver the goods.

In addition, you’ll be working on many client projects, from public facing applications to internal engineering tools and integrating the software we sell with third-party systems and services. We are focussed on delivering tools and applications to improve the workflow experiences for our customers and provide insightful business intelligence tasks. We care about system stability and providing excellent customer support. We like to build quickly and evolve and try to find a good balance between predictable stability and rapid development.

You’ll cover both backend services mostly in Python (Django), and front-end in HTML/Javascript (Angular 1/React) along with integrations to RESTful web services.

We work with the Vidispine content management platform and Cantemo media asset management software as well as a host of supporting media technologies, which we deploy on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both.


Competitive salary, flexible working hours, performance-related equity & bonuses opportunities.


We're looking for someone who:

    •    Is excited by the chance to build something new as part of a small team with a startup mentality within an ever-changing market?
    •    Enjoys coding in multiple languages across different platforms?
    •    Knows how to make a pull-request (and provide feedback on others)?
    •    Comfortable working on a Mac but deploying to Linux servers?
    •    Familiar with cloud services but also self-hosted FOSS alternatives.?
    •    Thinks every good feature deserves a unit test or two?
    •    Believes in refactoring (tomorrow will come)?
    •    Has opinions on product design

Ideally, you have years of software development experience across backend systems and the web. Experience with media technologies is a bonus.

NMR is based in central London, so you must have the existing right to work within the UK (we cannot currently sponsor a work visa), but there will be opportunities to travel to exciting places to experience the product and meet users.

If you would like to learn more before applying, please do email us at jobs@nmr.com (no agencies please).

Closing date for applications is Friday 14th October, 2016.


IBC 2016 Review

Posted on September 30, 2016

IBC 2016 is now over and it's been a great success, especially now we are able to talk about our recent project with ITV on their promo campaign and media asset management system, powered by Cantemo Portal and Vidispine, with help from Codemill, 100 Shapes and Amazon Web Services.


IBC itself was extremely hectic for the team, with over 25 meetings, across 5 days, nonstop!

Cloud solutions were presented in a far more cohesive way than past shows, with many storage vendors, including Object Matrix now supporting native S3 protocol, so that media can be moved to offsite locations, such as S3, S3IA, Glacier and Spectra Logic tape libraries, using this widely recognised object storage protocol.

Cantemo previewed v3.0 of their MAM software, featuring native archive integration with Archiware P5 LTO tape libraries, support for Elemental Technologies Server transcoders, for high performance video processing and updated CentOS7 support. Portal v3.0 will ship in October.

Vidispine announced that v4.7 will ship with improved DPX file support and new IMF support by the end of 2016, which will be good news for VFX facilities and content reversioning businesses alike.

As the broadcast industry migrates from SDI to IP all the traditional broadcast vendors were previewing various IP technology prototypes and growing interoperability with some of the emerging IP standards such SMPTE 2022-6/7, AIMS, ASPEN and VSF TR03/04 (some light bedtime reading there!)

As part of the ICOSOLE EU funded R&D project, ToolsOnAir demonstrated their combined 360° camera control, multi-stream SDI and IP recording, vision mixing, graphics and ultra low latency IP playout technology, which forms the basis of their next generation of commercial software products Just:In and Just:Live.

ToolsOnAir even recorded a live music event from Belgium, using a system located in Austria, all controlled from the stand at IBC! Overall it was a very impressive proof-of-concept for where IP technology can move the industry forward in new, flexible and innovative ways.

ToolsOnAir also showed significant software upgrades to their existing Mac based Just:In ingest software, with v2.0 including a slick multiviewer style user interface, a web browser based, frame accurate schedule recording interface and ingest recording using both Mac and Linux server hardware.

Their Just:Play and Just:Live play out products are also upgraded to v2.0 and now support UHD play out, including real time graphics, which is pretty cool. v2.0 products will ship in October.

ToolsOnAir’s Flow:Rage video NAS solution is renamed Just:Store, with improved v2.0 software capability including support for Avid Media Composer editors via ISIS emulation, a 20% performance boost and a number of other networking improvements.

In development for the last 4 years, On:Core is a media workflow orchestration and process automation application from ToolsOnAir that allows users to control, monitor and combine their workflows together, to reduce manual tasks, repetition and user error. On:Core is built into Just:Store and requires a second dedicated CPU to run on the storage appliance.

Elemental Technologies continued to push forward with cutting edge solutions for live streaming, file processing and content delivery for VOD and OTT workflows, including improved support for high-quality HEVC 4:2:2 10-bit encoding at up to 80 Mbps or AVC High 4:2:2 Intra Profile 10-bit encoding to enable content origination workflows. A more detailed list of new features and announcements from Elemental can be found here.

We had an increasing amount of interest from customers looking for more agile ways to deliver content to new platforms - for example launching new services on the web or being able to easily switch OVP platforms. We’ll be working with our partners Elemental Technologies and their Delta video delivery platform, Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) provider YoSpace and Amazon Web Services CloudFront CDN in the coming months to build out our offering, integrated with Cantemo Portal MAM, so users can publish directly to their own web sites or social media platforms, from on-premise.

The prize for the most mentioned piece of new tech goes to the 3mm thick 8K OLED screen on the NHK stand - we had numerous clients raving about this and showing us clips of this they had filmed on their phones.

Finally we are very proud that that none of the NMR team were to be found looking daft with a VR headset on… all our headaches came from other sources...

ToolsOnAir Announce OnCore

Posted on September 16, 2016

Build, design and deploy applications, micro services and workflows with ToolsOnAir’s onCore® – the powerful and groundbreaking new software component architecture at the heart of the system.


ITV Launches New Marketing Campaign Management System with NMR

Posted on September 09, 2016

ITV has implemented a new campaign management system with UK media technology systems integrator NMR as the lead supplier. The system streamlines the production and delivery of on-air and digital marketing campaigns. The campaigns inform tens of millions of ITV viewers a month about up and coming ITV programmes and fill over £270 million of airtime a year on ITV’s broadcast channels and digital services

The system has been delivered by ITV Technology with systems integrator NMR and combines a custom built media planning application for broadcast and digital media with a media asset management system to keep track of video assets. NMR software partners Vidispine and Cantemo provided the base products, with custom development work carried out by Codemill - all based in Sweden. To make the system as easy as possible to use the ITV project team hired a London based user experience agency, 100 Shapes, to design an intuitive user interface.

The new campaign management system works on multiple platforms, integrates across the various marketing, creative and production disciplines and works with ITV’s affiliates and partners (UTV, STV, ITV Choice). It is a web-based system and, with ITV Creative a vital link in the transmission chain, co-exists with ITV’s programme scheduling system.  The system also streamlines ITV’s work with Ericsson, which looks after ITV’s playout.

Matt Scarff, Director of ITV Creative and ITV Events said, “We looked at off the shelf systems for our requirements, but despite short-listing some of the market leaders, we couldn’t find anything that would sit comfortably within ITV Group Marketing, without compromising something along the way.

“We needed a system that took the complexity and effort out of managing the operational process of handling hundreds of campaign management assets every month.  To support our ambition to be the best in-house creative agency we needed a system that would handle broadcast, digital, social and off-air in one place. The new system is a single source of truth for all in the Marketing, Media Planning and Creative teams”.

Nick Haworth, ITV Head of Technology, Studios, said, “The delivery of this system completes the modernisation of ITV’s marketing campaign management and production systems. The end result is a system that combines out-of-the box software with a highly intuitive custom built application, that makes it quick and easy to use. We’ve achieved resilience and scalability too by deploying much of the system in the cloud, a task made possible by ITV Technology’s in-house Common Platform DevOps team. It’s been a complex project with multiple internal and external suppliers. Working with NMR has made coordination with our external suppliers run smoothly throughout”.

Neil Anderson, CEO of NMR said, “This has been a truly collaborative project.  As the primary contractor we have had the opportunity to deliver a large and complex workflow system with modern architecture and an easy to use interface. The support we have given stretches beyond the ITV project team - to our partners Codemill, Vidispine and Cantemo. We look forward to giving our continuing support as the system transitions from a project - to an ever evolving product at the heart of ITV’s marketing campaigns”.

About ITV

"ITV is an integrated producer broadcaster, operating the largest commercial family of channels in the UK as well as delivering content on demand through numerous platforms directly and via the ITV Hub.ITV is the largest commercial television network in the UK. It is the home of popular television from the biggest entertainment events, to original drama, major sport, landmark factual series and independent news. It operates a family of channels including ITV, ITVBe, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 and CITV which are broadcast free-to-air, as well as the pay channel ITV Encore. ITV is also focused on delivering its programming across multiple platforms including itv.com, mobile devices, video on demand and third party platforms. ITV Studios is a global production business, creating and selling programmes and formats from offices in the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, the Nordics and the Netherlands. It is the largest and most successful commercial production company in the UK, the largest independent non-scripted indie in the US and ITV Studios Global Entertainment is a leading international distribution businesses."

About NMR

“NMR New Media Research is a team of leading digital media architects that design & implement broadcast IT infrastructure in the UK & Overseas. The company is technically driven with a research led approach. A focus on quality of products and services has generated an industry wide reputation alongside a high level client base. NMR successfully delivers enterprise class broadcast projects through its agile processes and a uniquely integrated team. Over 20 years of working experience has developed a powerful knowledge base and technical expertise that can undertake innovative projects at all levels.”

NMR Announces Appointment of New Sales Manager

Posted on August 22, 2016

NMR, a leading media technology Systems Integrator, announced today the appointment of Peter Booth-Clibborn as Sales Manager. Peter joins from Ooyala, where he was selling the Flex (formerly Nativ Mio) media logistics solution. Previously Peter spent eight years as UK Sales Manager at SchedulALL, selling their Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software to media, broadcast and transmission companies, such as the BBC, Smoke & Mirrors and Discovery.

On his appointment CEO Neil Anderson commented, “I’m delighted to have Peter joining our team, as we expand globally to manage projects across several continents including North America, Europe, the Far East and Australia over the next year. It’s an exciting time for NMR and Peter’s highly experienced, technical sales background with enterprise software solutions, dovetails perfectly with our approach to client engagement”.

Adds Peter, "I am excited to be joining the talented NMR team at this time of their ongoing achievements and growth and am looking forward to contributing to their success going forward".

ITV Campaign Management

Posted on July 12, 2016

Introducing Cantemo's Fresh New Look

Posted on June 22, 2016

At Cantemo, we take a great deal of pride in making Portal look great, with an easy-to-use, intuitive, and attractive User Interface. However, just like the builder who never finishes his own house, we realised that our website was desperately in need of a touch of that same magic. So, here it is, the new look Cantemo website designed to do a number of things.

Firstly, we wanted it to better reflect us as a company – an innovative company, leading the revolution for next generation media management, made possible thanks to a passionate, dedicated, and determined team. We are also a pretty fun place to work!

Secondly we want to make it easy for you to understand how Cantemo Portal can help you, whether you are a small company using video to engage with your marketing channels, or an international broadcaster delivering thousands of videos every day, or anything in-between.

We hope you like the new site as much as we do.



NMR to Demonstrate Cantemo Portal 2.4 at the Media Production Show

Posted on May 27, 2016

London, England 31st May 2016 - NMR, a leading digital media systems integrator and software developer, will be demonstrating the recently launched Cantemo Portal 2.4 at the Media Production Show.

This latest version, Cantemo Portal 2.4 includes a number of additional updates to make workflows more efficient and simpler for users. This includes enhancements to the advanced search capability, enabling inclusion or exclusion of certain NLE projects or collections when searching. The collections page now includes filtering by data and media type, plus drag and drop functionality for moving assets and collections into other collections. Cantemo Portal 2.4 also includes support for dynamic and static access rules within the Cantemo Rules Engine.

NMR has recently worked closely with Cantemo on joint projects with ITV, The Daily Telegraph, and National Theatre so far this year. Case studies will be available shortly.

“It is great that NMR are showcasing Cantemo Portal 2.4. As a valued partner its support is invaluable,” said Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo. “We are continually updating Cantemo Portal to make workflows more flexible and Portal 2.4 is a great example of that.”

“We are proud to be able to offer visitors to our stand an early look at Cantemo Portal 2.4,” commented Neil Anderson, CEO, NMR. “Portal forms a key part of our offering and is crucial for helping many of our customers stay in control of their workflows.”

NMR will also be demonstrating Vidispine’s latest solutions, which provide a complete backbone for the creation, storage and processing of rich media content.

NMR has recently expanded and located to new offices in the heart of London’s technology community at Kings Cross. It has appointed new technical staff to help deliver several high level projects for international broadcasters and corporations.

NMR will be exhibiting on booth 220 at the Media Production Show, in London from the 9th – 10th June.

About NMR

Established in 1992, NMR is a leading systems integrator of enterprise class media technology, with global headquarters in central London. NMR develops and deploys comprehensive technology solutions for post-production, media asset management, tiered storage and broadcast workflows for an established client base of international broadcasters, in-house production teams for some of the world’s most recognisable brands and specialist boutique facilities.  

About Cantemo

Cantemo was established to lead the revolution for next generation Media Asset Management. Its founders, with years of experience behind them, could see a trend emerging for the creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast. This meant that the existing MAM systems would no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

For more information please visit http://www.cantemo.com

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cantemo

Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/cantemo


Media Contact

Helen Weedon

Radical Moves PR


+44 1570 434632


Introducing Cantemo Portal 2.4

Posted on May 25, 2016

We are pleased to bring you the latest, greatest version of Cantemo Portal. We are committed to bringing you small regular updates to Cantemo Portal and the latest version features some really nice enhancements, which we hope will make your life easier.

In Portal 2.4, we have extended the advanced search, so now you can search for items within a specific project or collection, as well as choosing to exclude all items within a given project or collection when searching. This could, for example be used to quickly archive, restore, or export assets used in a specific project.

Other new features include:

• Warning before deletion of any assets used in projects (to avoid any accidental deletions).
• Removed upper limit for fast forward and fast rewind.
• Support for slow motion playback, both in forward and rewind.
• Filtering by data type and media type within the collections page.
• Drag and drop functionality for moving items or collections into other collections.
• Rules Engine 3 has been extended to support dynamic and static access rules.
• Support for SFTP storage and S3 buckets.

To see the updates in action, you can view the video here.


NMR Relocates to Facilitate Company Growth

Posted on February 08, 2016

London – 8th February, 2016. – NMR, a leading Global Systems Integrator (SI) and Software Developer, announces its relocation to new canal side offices in the heart of Kings Cross. The move enables the company to expand its team in order to meet the increased demand of the Broadcast IT and Digital Media Enterprise sectors.

Over the past year NMR has augmented its team with three major staff appointments and this growth continues with the imminent appointment of a new Business Development Manager. This dynamic expansion is a result of winning several key contracts based around Cantemo Portal’s Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions for ITV, Guardian News & Media, Global Radio, Deutsche Bank, The World Economic Forum Geneva, Viacom and UBS.

Neil Anderson, NMR CEO, comments, “We’re looking forward to our new larger working environment and expanding our portfolio, especially in software development. We’re busy implementing our latest projects and looking forward to the new opportunities our business development resources will bring both here and in the U.S.A. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for us”.

NMR’s new address:

14 New Wharf Road
N1 9RT

Tel: 020 7255 2700

Press Contact: Claire Woodcock, Marketing Manager – 020 7255 2700

About NMR
Established in 1992, NMR is a leading systems integrator of enterprise class media technology, with global headquarters in central London. NMR develops and deploys comprehensive technology solutions for post-production, media asset management, tiered storage and broadcast workflows for an established client base of international broadcasters, in-house production teams for some of the world’s most recognisable brands and specialist boutique facilities.  


High Quality Video Encoding at Scale

Posted on December 14, 2015

Automatically Generating Your Vidispine Server API

Posted on November 30, 2015

At NMR we love APIs! Our tool of choice is Postman plugin for Chrome which allows us to build up a history of commonly used requests and share them as collections between the team.

Even better than that, we can import the automatically-generated description which is included in the Vidispine API directly into Postman – no more guessing all of those undocumented paths!

From the menu Choose “Import”.

In the popup, choose the “From URL” tab, and enter the path to Vidispine server to download the application.wad, e.g, .

Click Import! If authentication is required, use the http://username:password@  URL instead.

Open the Collections tab and you will see “Converted from WADL”.



Edit the name to include the server URL and version of the API for reference.

Choose one of the requests from the folders to try it out. Look at the “Params” for all of the path variables and query options. Don’t forget to set the Authorisation to “Basic Auth” when creating requests!




The basics on digital data storage - a filmmakers guide.

Posted on November 02, 2015

The basics on digital data storage - a filmmakers guide.

Elastic Announce major product releases

Posted on November 02, 2015

Elastic Announce major product releases:
• Elasticsearch 2.0
• Kibana 4.2
• Marvel 2.0
• Sense 2.0
• Shield + Watcher 2.0
• Logstash 2.0


What's New in Haproxy1.6

Posted on October 21, 2015

Streaming video on 10 Gigabit Ethernet and beyond

Posted on October 21, 2015

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II

Posted on October 21, 2015

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part I

Posted on October 21, 2015

What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part I

NMR Announces Three Major Staff Appointments

Posted on October 09, 2015

Alex Buchanan joins as Project Manager, to assist with delivering Cantemo Portal Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, along with other broadcast and storage infrastructure deployments. Alex joins from Hogarth Worldwide, where he worked on global project implementations and prior to that worked at advertising agency AMV BBDO.

Matt Pye joins as Senior Engineer, his background is in software development and release management with experience working for enterprise scale media asset management systems for clients across the finance, pharmaceuticals, automative, media, technology and CPG sectors.

Luke Weller joins the engineering team bringing with him a deep understanding of the technology, systems and challenges faced day to day in a production environment.

Comments Neil Anderson, NMR's CEO, "I'm so excited that Alex, Matt and Luke are joining the team. Alex and Matt have a great track record on managing and delivering complex projects and Luke strengthens our engineering support team. The huge success NMR has had with Cantemo Portal in particular has directly lead to these appointments; Portal's open, flexible and scalable software architecture means our client's needs are constantly growing in ambition and with their help we can more than deliver on this".

NMR has well over a dozen successful Cantemo Portal MAM implementations, include those at ITV Technology, Guardian News & Media, Global Radio, Deutsche Bank London and New York, World Economic Forum Geneva, Made TV Leeds and many more.


Adobe Backpedals on Commitment to Bring Metal to After Effects

Posted on October 08, 2015

Adobe Backpedals on Commitment to Bring Metal to After Effects

NMR at IBC 2015

Posted on September 23, 2015

Neil Anderson, CEO at NMR Consutlancy Ltd, talks to Kit Plus about Cantemo MAM with ToolsOnAir.

NMR at IBC 2015 from NMR on Vimeo.

A history of television

Posted on September 21, 2015

OS X Metal - Raw Notes

Posted on September 21, 2015

New web site launch (shhhh)

Posted on September 07, 2015

Yes www.nmr.com finally gets a long overdue update, gone are products (yawn, see vendor sites for that), we've gone for a more pared back feel, with a focus on our systems integration projects and case studies, videos and tech blogs, we hope you'll find it informative in the years to come as we populate it with relevant content.

Show Time...Again

Posted on September 07, 2015

As for IBC itself, the action is generally in Hall 7, so here are the stands you'll find us hovering around, chatting to people, booking meetings, getting demos with and sharing gossip:

Cantemo 7.K01a

ToolsOnAir 7.G45

Quantum 7.B26

Archiware 7.G03

Object Matrix 6.C28B

GB Labs 7.J15B

Elemental Technologies 4.B80

Octopus Newsroom System (NCRS) 7.G11

AJA Video 7.F11

Tektronix 10.D41

Adobe 7.G27

Amazon Web Services 14.N29

If you'd like to book a meeting with us and/or a specific vendor, please send an email to neil@nmr.com

Neil, Alex J, Alex B and James will be at IBC, we hope to bump into you either in Hall 7, the AJA Party, or at the Beach Bar for a beer or a Chocomel.

AWS Elemental

Posted on September 03, 2015

Amazon Web Services to Acquire Elemental

Open Source Corner

Posted on September 01, 2015

Open Source H265 Encoding

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BVE 2014

Posted on February 21, 2014

With Broadcast Video Expo 2014 (www.bvexpo.co.uk) at London’s Excel exhibition centre fast approaching (Feb 25-27) I thought I’d take a moment to explain what NMR will be demonstrating on stand P50.

Firstly, we are showing Apple’s FCPX 10.1 (www.apple.com/finalcutpro) running on a brand new 12 core Mac Pro with Ultra-HD monitoring and the new AJA Video Io4K ThunderBolt2 device with UHD footage.

FCPX has come a long way since it’s [frankly botched] launch a few years ago. V10.1 brings a raft of new features including true resolution independence, enhanced camera codec support, new audio tools, better collaboration workflows, finally a developer API and much more.

And of course everyone is talking about UHD/4K - even if available content to the consumer is still a little way off (though NetFlix are planning to be the first to offer UHD content as video-on-demand with the new series of House Of Cards).

We will also have an Adobe Anywhere system on our stand (www.adobe.com/anywhere). Anywhere is a new GPU accelerated, distributed, real time rendering and collaborative project sharing platform for users of Premiere Pro, Prelude and After Effects, aimed at larger media organisations - potentially with users working in remote locations.

This is the first public demonstration of Adobe Anywhere in the UK, in this case integrated with our Cantemo Portal Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

Thirdly, ToolsOnAir (www.toolsonair.com) - we’ve been showing their fantastic “TV Station In-A-Mac” products for several years at BVE but this year we’re showing a number of new features and enhancements including baseband video to XDCAM HD and AVC-I [MXF] recording with their Just:In ingest application, including [Portal DAM compatible] H.264 proxy recording.

We will also show Just:In multi-cam recording directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro, via a custom panel, with edit-while-ingest (AKA chase editing) functionality – very handy for fast turn-around edit projects and LiveCut, the EDL multi-cam recording solution for FCP and Premiere Pro.

The ToolsOnAir Just:Play broadcast server now adds support for RTSP IP streaming, so you can have both traditional SDI broadcast playout with real time graphics and embedded data (e.g. RSS feeds, Twitter, databases etc.), as well as web streaming from the same physical server (in this case an Apple Mac Mini).

I mentioned Cantemo Portal DAM earlier (www.cantemo.com), this advanced HTML5 web based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and we’ve a number of successful deployments under our belts now.

Portal DAM now includes excellent integrations with Avid, Apple and Adobe NLEs, web browser based Rough Cut Editing (RCE), time based metadata annotation functionality with the Annotation Tool (AT), support for tiered storage management (SAN, NAS, LTO tape as well as private cloud storage appliances such as Object Matrix and public cloud such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) and many other really useful and elegant features, which are all fully customisable.

We’ll also have an Elemental Live real time SDI to H.264 encoder (www.elementaltechnologies.com), feeding a Wowza streaming server (www.wowza.com) on the stand for those interested in the latest IP streaming technology for web broadcast and VOD.

Finally on the storage side of things we’ll have an Object Matrix (www.object-matrix.com) “MatrixStore” disk based, object storage archive appliance, integrated with Portal DAM.

The Cardiff based Object Matrix guys have been around the media industry for some years now and could arguably be described as having come to market too early (around 2005) when the media industry was still largely video tape based.

However in the last few years they’ve seen a dramatic increase in customers, as the industry shifts entirely to tapeless workflows.

Object storage technology offers a higher level of resilience and data integrity than traditional SAN or NAS RAID architectures and MatrixStore is a highly cost effective solution for tier 2 storage (near line) and a good alternative to LTO tape.

For those of you with more substantial storage requirements, their Petabyte and half Petabyte promotional offers are definitely worth a close look (www.matrixstore.net/petabyte).

Where Portal DAM and MatrixStore is getting the most traction for us is where media companies are looking to share assets between multisite users, via an intuitive search engine web interface - where users and groups can each have their own branded look and feel (“themes”), collaboration tools (“Apps”) and secure storage vaults of media content.

What we’re demonstrating at BVE on stand P50 is just how tightly integrated all these solutions can be – in fact we now have a substantial number of different clients running these solutions together including Global Radio, Sony Pictures, ITV, Deutsche Bank, EDF Energy and many more.

Do come by stand P50 at BVE and say hi.


Neil Anderson

P.S. Thanks to Guy at AKA Design for lending us a pair of Pro Edit Desks for the show!

P.P.S No mention of tier 1 shared storage you say? Well you’ll just have to visit the stand to see what we’re showing.

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