Cantemo Portal 4.0 brings a fresh UI and integration with Aspera.

Published on 04 March 2019

Cantemo Portal™ 4.0 is the largest release in four years. This has been the result of a growing team and working closely with our customers, who run some of the most cutting-edge operations in the world of broadcast and enterprise media. As their needs have continued to evolve, we have been thinking forward to anticipate the future needs of the industry.

To move forward in media management, organisations will need:

  • More cloud compliance
  • Faster and more secure file transfers
  • Greater security against unauthorised access
  • Powerful control over user access and roles that is intuitive

What’s New

Modern User Interface
The noticeable changes you’ll notice throughout Portal 4 is that many parts of the UI, like buttons, menus and the media player have all been modernised. The visual experience within Portal is more unified with a fresh aesthetic that looks more like what you’d expect from a next-generation media solution.

Greater Cloud Compliance
An organisation’s data is precious. When using cloud services, you must consider many factors. Where is the data stored? Who is responsible for it? Who can see it, internal or external people? All this is addressed in cloud compliance. We are happy to say that Cantemo Portal 4 is in line with industry standards that ensure data is safe in the cloud. Key components like Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, React, and Celery have all been improved in this latest update.

Integration with Aspera
Media file sizes are swelling to new levels every year. Content is more rich, interactive and delivered at higher resolutions. There’s a real challenge to move these files at maximum speeds, and transfer them over spanning distances and networks. Then there’s the issue of keeping those files secure during transit. The technology in Aspera addresses all this. And now with new integration between Cantemo Portal and Aspera, you can use Aspera to upload, download, and adjust the amount of transfers and bandwidth for each Cantemo Agent. Assets can be transferred at faster speeds with end-to-end encryption and 100% reliability.

New User Roles
When choosing roles that will decide how users can access and make changes to your valuable data, you want to have confidence that you’re making the right selections. With this in mind, we’ve revised roles to be easy-to-understand. The new roles clearly tell what actions a user, or group, is allowed to do. Admins can give access with certainty that their asset library will be secure.

SubClip Support
When editing media within Cantemo Portal, there are more options to work with SubClips in the Rough Cut Editor. Now users can easily find SubClips, without reviewing an entire asset. Once you find the SubClip you need, you can add it into a sequence.

Single-Sign-On and Custom Start Pages
We use tools to help us be more efficient. Tools should never slow us down. With this in mind, comes single-sign-on for the “Panel” and “Agents”, so you can log in and get started more quickly. Once inside Cantemo Portal, users can choose default start pages to help them arrive at the page that’s most relevant for their tasks.

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Published on 18 September 2019

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