What We Do.

Since NMR was founded in 1992 we have been at the cutting edge of media technology, helping companies to work better, faster and more efficiently. We have a deep understanding of complex media workflows and the high performance technology requirements that support them.

Our team of experts work with companies across many market sectors to solve the challenges of ingest, post-production, tiered storage management, Media Asset Management, workflow automation, content distribution and rights management. Our clients include major broadcasters, global advertising agencies, Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations, utilities, and include some of the world’s most recognisable brands.


We enable our customers to:

  • Become more reactive and streamline by providing a platform that can easily transform and deliver content now and in the future.
  • Provide the opportunity to monetise you existing content through a searchable archive tool solution.
  • Reduce running costs, improve efficiency through automation and simplified media operations
  • Benefit from the cloud - by operating flexible cloud and hybrid cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Utilise existing infrastructure - by re-using and integrating existing storage, transcoding services, quality control and content creation systems.


Successful projects rely on great design.

The team thrives on the challenge of interpreting complex requirements into robust and elegant solutions.
For example, we can design and define complex operational requirements such as:

  • Cloud provisioning and scaling
  • Application configuration management and orchestration
  • Key metrics collection and visualisation
  • Monitoring to generate notifications and alerts
  • Security and IDS

In addition to this we provide full pre-sales support services including:

  • Discovery and business analysis
  • Product demonstrations and technical training
  • Market analysis and solution recommendations
  • Solution and proof of concept design
  • Proposals and quotations

We have substantial market knowledge and the requisite technical skills and qualifications, as well as personnel with career experience in media & entertainment, in order to provide balanced and compelling pre-sales support and design services.


NMR is able to provide a single supplier solution for all our client’s needs, including the supply of hardware, software, professional services, training and ongoing technical support.

Our solutions are tightly integrated and thoroughly tested, prior to deployment. The core of our solutions are built upon Cantemo Portal next generation Media Asset Management (MAM) software and the Vidispine content management backbone and advanced APIs.

Media Storage & Archive Solutions

We have significant experience and are experts at designing and delivering storage solutions for media assets - from online, nearline to archive. We work with hand-picked, complementary storage vendors, including Quantum, Object Matrix, GB Labs and Archiware as well as cloud vendor storage offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. We understand the unique requirements of storing media assets and delivering a robust and cost effective storage infrastructure.

Storage solutions we deploy and support range from compact, high performance systems for small video edit workgroups to large, multi-tiered enterprise solutions for high performance media sharing, backup, nearline, and archive requirements on premise and in the cloud.

Ingest & Playout Solutions

ToolsOnAir. We are able to integrate with any ingest or playout solution that a customer may have in place. Alternatively we recommend the ToolsOnAir Apple/Linux platform for ingest or playout needed for live or file delivery.

Media Processing & Workflow

Telestream, Tektronix, also FOSS e.g. Activiti. Our decades of experience around media workflows and their related business processes enables NMR to solve complex problems using a variety of commercial and FOSS software tools


Software Development

We understand that customers prefer to implement proven off-the-shelf solutions as a cost effective option, but there are often additional exclusive business requirements needed to fulfil overall project objectives.

The NMR development team is uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke requirements whether these are:

  • UI/UX design
  • Custom functionality
  • Esoteric integrations
  • Standalone application development

These customisations and enhancements achieve real business benefits that off-the-shelf applications can rarely deliver out-of-the-box.

Systems Integration

NMR solutions frequently help customers to publish video content to the web and online media platforms. This can range from social media (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc) to internal corporate video platforms as well as commercial third parties. We are also able to utilise the solutions from a number of our partners to implement these online video platforms.

Project Management & Installation

Planning and Project Management is key to the success of technology projects. NMR’s project management team that works closely with the customer team ensure an efficient framework, flow of information and execution of the project within milestones, within scope and on budget. Comprehensive technical handover documentation ensures the customer has a full inventory of the project.

We can provide onsite installation of physical hardware at client or third party data centres. All relevant Broadcast and IT infrastructure can be supplied as required. We work closely with subcontractors both our own and third-party on projects, wherever they are in the world.


Mission critical media systems demand appropriate levels of support. The first line support is often inhouse where issues can be dealt with immediately. Escalation to second and third lines of support is required when the inhouse team is unable to diagnose or resolve an issue. NMR second line support is offered by web portal, telephone, email and remote sessions as well as on-site calls and extended bespoke support arrangements as required. NMR will manage escalations to the third lines of support - provided by the vendors and partners - so the customer only ever needs to deal with one support system.

A range of training options are offered both individually and for groups covering application software and infrastructure through to advanced systems administration and operation.


NMR employs full time, highly experienced in-house software engineers to build 3rd party integrations, plugins and design custom UI/UX for client projects. Much of the software we develop can be licensed to partners or resold to other clients that we work with, to solve common workflow and business problems.